A Whole New Day

Eating Well is a Weighty Issue

About Me

Six years ago I began to get sick. It was a miserable time in my life and due to emotional eating and illness  I gained a little over 100 pounds.

I am fat. Sad Face.

I never ever thought I would have to say that. Another sad face.

Thanks to God and a wonderful group of people in my life, I feel better than I have in a long time.

So on to project number two : Lose the Weight. The RIGHT way.

Until I started fighting this health battle I never really gave my body or how it worked any thought . I took it for granted. I didn’t know about autoimmune diseases and the thousands of things that one tiny little glad that doesn’t’ work right can screw up.

I used to think the solution to everything came in pill and capsule form.That illness could be excised with a scalpel and you would instantly be better. I now know that is incorrect and that the root of a lot of our problems is simply what we put in our mouth and that the cure to most of what ails us is sold in the produce section.

This is my blog recording my challenges, thoughts, experiments, and recipes.

I am hoping that my learning will facilitate your learning as well as comfort you in the knowledge that you are not alone.


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