A Whole New Day

Eating Well is a Weighty Issue

It’s Pantry Time

on December 21, 2011

About a year and a half ago when I first started battling with eating gluten free I remember being completely overwhelmed. Agar Agar? Potato Starch? Xanthan Gum? What?

It required a lot of books and internet research but it slowly became less scary and now I can actually read a recipe and think “I have all the ingredients to make that!”. It is exciting to have a stocked pantry.

I still have a hard time sticking to what I am supposed to do. The strange thing is that I actually feel better – significantly better – when I use “premium fuel”. Also, it tastes good. It just takes trial and error and time.

I read a quote once by Robert Downey Jr when he was talking about his addiction and he says something similar to “It is like I have a gun in my mouth and I like the taste of the metal”. Sometimes I feel that way. I know that this thing I am eating is going to bring me pain and yet I still eat it.

This weekend I am trying something new that was recommended to me. I am doing weekend cooking. I find that during the week it is entirely too easy to be tired and not do what I am supposed to. So instead of fighting my lazy exhaustion exhaustion excuse, me and my stocked up pantry are working to eliminate it’s legitimacy. It is also ideal because I have a three day weekend due to CHRISTMAS (yeay!).

I am going to plan out a a menu. I am going to freeze some little meals or at least get things premade where I just have to do the last couple of prep steps. I have a feeling that this will really help me stay on track.

I also need to make stock this weekend and I have organic cage free chickens to use. I am excited to see if there is a difference in the stock taste. I know there is a huge difference in the taste of organic versus regular beef. I am hoping for a super rich stock.

I am excited to start over and I feel good about my candida cleanse chances this time! Looking forward to my journey next week!

By the way, check out Ricki Heller’s site, www.dietdessetndogs.com, it is a wonderful resource for those who are embarking on any sort of gluten/yeast/dairy/egg/sugar free diet. There are recipes that cover the gambit of combinations – or all – of those categories. She also has a sale going on regarding her e-books (2 for $10.95) and they are really great.


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